Growth is difficult.
We make it smart.

Unlock your full potential by combining our Growth Intelligence with your CRM.

Ocean.io is the silver bullet

We know it's a bold claim but our Growth Intelligence really is the smart path to optimal growth.

Combining Ocean.io with your CRM will transform every aspect of your sales and marketing efforts.

Ocean.io does a full loop integration with your CRM in minutes. Using our proprietary lookalike database, we normalize your customer data and perform an intelligent analysis of your CRM transactional data to identify your best performing customer segments.

We then generate the perfect targets for your go-to-market from our state of the art lookalike database. It’s a continuous automated process that will always keep you on the smart track to optimal growth.

We’re bringing a whole new level of data analytics and artificial intelligence to fully automate your processes. With our Growth Intelligence, all you have to do is close.

This is not just the next generation of CRM. This is a whole new ballgame.

What journey are you on?


You’ve created lift-off. From your first customer to your first investment round, our starter pack has everything you need.

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You’ve started well and now you’re aiming for the moon. You’re ready for our data transformation booster pack to keep growing.

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You’ve got new horizons in mind – and why not? Our enterprise pack will help you take it to the next level.

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Make your growth global

Relying on multiple data providers across different markets leads to a decentralized, unstructured approach that prevents you from replicating your successes and growing quickly. We all know this but, until now, there hasn’t been a solution.

Ocean.io is a Growth Intelligence platform with a unified global data structure. Just plug in your CRM and instantly have the option of one process across all your teams. Scale your local successes to a global initiative, experiment rapidly with innovative ideas, and apply learnings immediately across different divisions.

Be truly global with Ocean.io, the data backbone for your operations – anywhere in the world.

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