Make Oceans of Data Your New Competitive Advantage is a B2B data platform that analyzes your CRM, understands which accounts need you most, and finds more just like them to help you win more deals.

We have helped hundreds of companies discover new growth potential

What is offers unique B2B data, organized in a whole new way, to deliver relevant insights from your CRM records.

1. Data

Start with your CRM data - the primary source of your business intelligence.

2. Enrichment

Enrich your CRM records so it’s cleaned and harmonized with the data platform.

3. Analysis

Discover your full market potential with an AI-powered analysis of your market.

4. Insight

Identify the best opportunities - both inside and outside of your CRM.

5. Action

Unlock your true revenue potential with data powering your sales and marketing teams.


Make data your competitive edge is a system-of-action for static CRM data

What is your true ICP?

Instantly identify and act on the best opportunities with AI-powered segmentation that delivers a complete market analysis.

False or outdated CRM data?

Get a new level of insight into your customers and market with relevant B2B data enriching your CRM.

Low sales productivity?

Transform your data into a powertool for sales. Actionable recommendations help sales find and focus on the right deals to supercharge productivity

ABM strategy underperforming?

Build targeted lists for sales and marketing in seconds.  Powerful search and filters find accounts, contacts and lookalikes of your best customers.

Wave goodbye to business as usual.

Business as usual

Business powered by

Store your data
Use your data
Prospecting & data input
More time selling
Static / Untrusted
Active / Actionable
Ocean saves incredible amounts of time
Martin FlenhagenHead of Sales M2M
No other tool gives us the information we need on prospective customer’s web traffic and use of social media.
Felicity NealeClient Partner. Electric House
Ocean is good at constantly spitting out new accounts for us to work on, which gives us new bandwidth in sales.
George Lorraine Brandbassador Sales Executive

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