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Sandra Busch
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Who wouldn’t want to cut a few corners and make the daily drag of email management just a little easier? With these five Gmail extensions, you’ll be well on your way. Ready, set, download.

Sortd Smart Skin

Especially helpful for organizing your emails and to-do’s.

Sortd Smart Skin transforms your Gmail into a Trello-like task board where your tasks are easily accessible and manageable. Seeing as emails contain tasks, Sortd Smart Skin lets you can drag and drop your emails into different columns with distinctive headlines, priorities, and so on.

  • Works inside Gmail (no separate app to open)
  • Trello-styled layout
  • Drag and drop your email tasks
  • Manage your to-do’s and follow-up
  • Group conversations together

Free download: Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail


Especially helpful for scheduling messages to be sent or returned at a later date.

Boomerang is a Gmail extension that embodies your favorite alarm clock feature: the snooze button. If you receive an email, but don’t want to deal with it that instant, you can ‘boomerang’ it by clicking a little icon. That will make the email reappear at the top of your inbox at a later time. You can also write a message and schedule it to be sent later in the day, even if you’re not online.

  • Snooze your emails and be reminded later
  • Schedule outgoing emails (perhaps a birthday greeting)
  • Communicate across time zones
  • See if your emails are being read
  • Keep track of important messages

Free download: Boomerang for Gmail

Simple Gmail Notes

Especially helpful for adding comments to email conversations that only you can see.

Add notes to email that are for your eyes only. Sometimes you want to add a quick comment to an email that you don’t necessarily want other people to see. With Simple Gmail Notes you can add a dash of color and a pinch of productivity to your Gmail inbox by sticking a note to your incoming emails.

  • Write up notes to email that only you can see
  • Customize the color and font size
  • Add notes to your calendar
  • Notes are automatically saved after editing
  • No third party is involved as your data is only stored on your Google Drive

Free download: Simple Gmail Notes

Mail ID

Especially helpful for getting context on the people emailing you.

If Gmail and LinkedIn had a baby, it would be Mail ID. Every email that ticks in will feature a complete sender profile with important information like name, picture, work title, social media profiles and a description of the company they work for. It’s a simple, yet useful way of saving time and keeping your email content relevant.

  • See who’s behind your incoming email
  • View sender’s job title and company
  • Access social media profiles from inside Gmail
  • Screen your incoming emails and put face to a name
  • Write more effective emails with relevant information

Free download: Mail ID for Gmail

Rename Email

Especially helpful for, well, renaming emails so that they actually make sense.

People are notoriously bad at writing useful email subject lines. They’re either too vague, misleading, generic or just downright annoying. With Rename Email, you can replace a bad email subject line with one that is far more expressive and relevant to the conversation than: ‘Quick question’ or ‘Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Fwd’.

  • Rename subject headlines
  • Makes it easier to find the email thread again later
  • Keep yourself informed
  • Sender won’t be notified that you’ve changed the subject line
  • Break up long conversation threads

Free download: Rename Email

Who sent you that mail?

Find out with Mail ID™
Chrome store rating
Chrome store rating

With Mail ID™, we help you as a business professional understand who you’re talking to, so you can focus on what to say. Mail ID™ delivers enriched contact cards to increase your productivity and efficiency. It gives you peace of mind by automating the due diligence process of contacts and companies from inside your Gmail inbox. For more information, visit

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  1. Rus says:

    Nice review! Though I’d suggest a free alternative to Boomerang, Deskun. Check it ot.

    • Sandra Busch says:

      Hi Rus. Thank you for the kind words. Deskun looks interesting – I especially like the possibility of ‘behind the scenes’ collaboration with one’s team members. Thanks for the tip!

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