What’s the best team communication app?

Rhiannon Jones

Effective team communication is essential to any business, saving time, collaborating on projects, and making work more fun. After all, if there’s one thing that humans love to do, it’s talk. But what’s the best messaging app for you to use at work? Whether you want to replace your existing system or you’re looking for something to start you off, you might find your solution among our favorites.

3. Teams

Teams, Microsoft's new team communication app.

Teams is Microsoft’s latest offering and it is in the process of replacing Skype for Business. It comes with Office 365 Business Essentials so, if you are already working with that suite, this could be the tool for you. It’s created with collaboration in mind: teams are set up with all the content and tools they should need to complete a shared task.

It might not be the most exciting, but it still has a lot to offer and not just because lots of users will be familiar with the basics – it is now much more customizable for users, with the option to add apps like Trello and Hootsuite.

Get Teams here.

2. Stride

Stride, Atlassian's new team communication app.
Stride is the sequel to HipChat and it’s clear that the designers have a bit of experience behind them. This app aims to fix all the glitches you find annoying in other apps. To stop you from getting carried away with discussing issues, it has an option to create and assign “tasks”, which is great for focusing the mind. It also offers a “focus” mode to summarize any activity that includes you while you’ve been away (or asleep!), saving you from having to scroll through hundreds of messages and notifications.

It’s definitely an upgrade from HipChat, which was pretty good in itself, and it features all of its predecessor’s most popular integrations. But it’s still too early to say if it’s the best app on the market.

Get Stride here.

1. Slack

Slack, our favorite team communication app.

Top of the pile for us is still Slack. There are a lot of great features in this tool but it’s the simple stuff that makes it stand out: it’s so easy to search through conversations, to share files, and the mobile app is perfect to use on-the-go.

Add that to the user-friendly design, the bold colors, and the tongue-in-cheek vibe (even the name!) and you have a product that makes work easier while being enjoyable to use. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned all the apps that you can integrate.

Get Slack here.


Of course, even with all these great team communication apps, email is still pretty popular, especially now there are so many great extensions available to personalize it.

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  1. Eric Ebert says:

    I would recommend looking at https://Zenkit.com too (in my completely biased opinion). If it’s project management, plus collaboration that you’re looking for, it easily competes with Trello. It’s also perfect for remote teams.

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