Welcome aboard!

The Ocean Team

We’re happy as clams at high tide to announce the launch of our new blog.

Why do we blog?

We live in a time where an endless supply of free, user-friendly blogging software has turned the Web into a virtual soapbox. As a result, there are blogs on almost every topic imaginable from accidental Chinese hipsters to ugly renaissance babies. So where does the Ocean blog fit in this equation?

On the Ocean blog, you will find a wealth of knowledge about technology, transparency, productivity and cyber safety. We will share with you our insights, knowledge, stories and our biggest lessons learned from trying to navigate the technology landscape of innovation. There will probably be other ideas and themes added to the list along the way, which we hope you will find relevant.

We promise to keep things interesting by sharing diverse and multi-sided content. We care deeply about defaulting to transparency in business and promise to let that passion shine through in every article. Be aware, though, (in case it isn’t obvious) that the views expressed on this blog represent individual perspectives.

Don’t be shy

You are more than welcome to respond, ask questions, add comments, make suggestions and even disagree with us – with this one caveat:

Please make sure comments are relevant to the conversation taking place. Comments that are profane, offensive or disrespectful are not tolerated and will quickly be removed from the site. For technical support, questions about installation or product features, please contact support@ocean.io.

We’re over the moon to have you here and hope you’ll be a regular visitor (and contributor) to the blog.

Once again, welcome – and stay tuned.

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  1. Peter Auma says:

    thanks for information.am interested to know what information you have in terms of technological advancements

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