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See the whole picture

Let do your research for you. Whether it’s checking out competitors of the companies who pitch you or making sure you’re not missing emerging markets, we can do your analysis at the touch of a button.

Like Palantir, we use big data and predictive analytics, scouring the web for companies and matching them with official registries to create a proprietary database that uses Natural Language Processing and a proprietary neural network-based algorithm to precisely analyze companies.

But you want to be proactive as well as reactive, right? That’s why we also allow you to monitor emerging sub-industries, tracking how frequently firms are registering in a specific field, how rapidly they are growing, where the interest is. That way, you can’t be caught off-guard by the emergence of a new category or a new player.

With, your LP reporting will always contain detailed and accurate assessments of the industry landscape

We know it works because we built our high-quality datasets ourselves, rather than rely on third-party collections. Our team of experts built analytic algorithms that surpass industry standards to deliver the most accurate results possible. We’ve harnessed the power of big data and machine learning to make the complicated things seem simple, saving you time and money.