The secret to writing ridiculously effective email replies

Sandra Busch

This blog post will tell you just how to write better, more efficient email replies. As a business professional, you very well know the importance of writing great emails that are read and replied to. Even though we’ve now got Skype, iMessage, and Twitter, I’m a big fan of email because it is a decentralized, open platform and, as such, it represents a different model than the closed ecosystems we see spreading across our devices.

I’m not saying email is perfect, but it still comes out ahead because it’s a platform on which new, innovative things can and have been built. I mean, the email platform, in general, is excellent, but it can only do so much. Sender identification software such as, however, upgrades your Gmail with fresh, new insights into the people and companies behind your incoming emails – which means you’ll be much better able to write ridiculously effective replies. Here’s how it works.

“Your secret weapon to writing ridiculously effective email replies is called”

1) You get that instant first impression of the people sending you emails

With as your email assistant, you get instant knowledge about the people and companies that send you emails. It gives you everything you need to know from work title, to picture, to company description and social profiles for the person you’ve been emailing with.

This is what looks like from inside your Gmail inbox. You get all the information you need about the people and companies that are sending you emails, which makes it easy to write better, more effective email replies. is a free extension (which only means that it’s adding additional features not found in the default browser) available for installment in Chrome Web Store.

2) You can write personalized email openers

Use the fact that you now know the person’s full name, work title, (even what they look like) when writing email openers. By comparison, the classic “Dear Sir / Madam” or any other generic introduction will never work as efficiently as when you’re personalizing your email by addressing a specific person and using that person’s actual name.

Pro tip! A good idea is to use their name twice. Once when addressing then in the beginning, and then again at the end of your email when you’re thanking them.

3) You won’t have to work hard to establish a connection

To connect with your recipient, you have to show an interest in them. Use to access your recipient’s social profiles and make them feel special by, for example, expressing an interest in the article they posted on LinkedIn recently or congratulating them on some recent achievement. You can do the same for companies and reference a recent inauguration or CFO appointment.

By commenting on specific topics that relate to them or the company they represent, you’re showing genuine interest in getting to know them and establishing a relationship. This will make you seem more likable, make your recipient much more likely to pay attention to your email, and more inclined to write one back.

Pro tip! Think clever, not creepy. Don’t bring up your recipient’s private vacation pictures or leisure time activities with their kids. Consider your relationship before choosing a topic. gives you access to people’s (and companies’) social profiles from inside your inbox. That way, it’s easy to get up to speed on recent activities.

4) You can create compelling subject lines

You have to know; people judge emails by their subject lines. The way to ensure your email is read is to write a compelling subject line – one that is so irresistible that your recipient has to click on it, read it, and get back to you. Thanks to, you now know people better, which means you can focus on your recipient and personalize your subject line to make sure it appeals to them on another level than if you had known next to nothing about them.

For example, subject: “Mary, congrats on the new book. Care to get together to talk about the sequel?”

5) Now, you get to look forward to the reply you’re definitely going to get

Now that you’ve written an email with clever references and personalized content throughout, you’ve got nothing to fear; they will get back to you.

So, there you have it. The secret to writing ridiculously effective emails is to know a little something about the person you’re emailing with and using it cleverly to write compelling content – content that will in no-doubt prompt a reply and maybe even ignite a lasting business relationship.

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