You’ve launched a Minimum Viable Product, you’ve got customers, you’ve got interest. Now you’re looking to find your Product/Market Fit. That’s where we come in.

We track how your deals are progressing in your CRM system, feed you targeted leads based on trends from your transactional data, and allow you to analyze your market fit in real time.

That way, you can track your progress, verify your traction, and speed up your growth. It’s a clear window into your Product/Market Fit.

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How do we do that ?

We start with your CRM, normalizing your data with all the key company attributes needed to perform meaningful clustering and analysis. Through keyword extraction, Natural Language Processing, and machine learning, we pinpoint the exact business any company is in and group them with companies that have similar value propositions.

That allows us to segment your existing customer base with the level of nuance required to properly understand where you are and where you’re going as a company.

It means we can generate the type of leads you need to grow and the transactional analysis to secure that growth.

As you go, we’ll help you automate your processes and build your CRM so that you can benefit from our more advanced features.