You’ve cracked the Product/Market Fit and now you want to take over. Your CRM is a treasure trove of data just waiting to be unlocked so you can do just that.

To decrease CAC, improve ROI, expand into new territories, scale successfully, sophisticated CRM data analysis is essential. It leads to proper customer segmentation so you can target the right types of accounts with the right message. That’s why we start with your CRM and the transactional data it contains.

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Through contextual understanding and Natural Language Processing, we can pinpoint the exact nature of any company. We use our unrivalled proprietary databases to enhance your existing CRM data to a clean and normalized level so we can take any company in your CRM and can group them with companies that have similar value propositions.

Our AI then groups your data into clusters of companies with key, clearly identified characteristics that represent your best current customers and convert that analysis into target audiences for you, whatever your platform.

Intelligent inbound resolution, lead scoring and allocation, churn analysis, and marketing audiences are right there, waiting for you.

Better yet, every time you add another company to your CRM, our machine learning tracks it and updates so the analysis gets better and better – meaning you will too.

It’s the smart path to rapid growth, perfectly targeted for your value proposition.