How Ocean transforms your growth

Imagine a meticulously detailed, perfectly organized CRM, where every entry is in the same format so that it can be used as the basis for sophisticated analysis and automation.

Combine that with algorithms that assess your transactional data in tandem with that dataset, grouping your data into clusters of companies with key, clearly identified characteristics that represent your best current customers.

That analysis allows those algorithms to find similar prospects both inside and outside your CRM, to score and assign leads, to automate your processes and save you time.

It provides clear, coherent insight into your CRM to inform your growth strategy and personalize your targeting.

Better data means better growth

We all know that data matters. That data can unlock your potential. Somewhere, in all those different data tools and providers you have acquired, lies the answer — right?

That’s partly true. For your CRM to work at its best, it does need a lot of data — but it has to be quality data. It doesn’t matter how many third party datasets you acquire if the data in them isn’t good enough.

We know that. We spent years building our datasets from the ground up, refusing to accept the industry standard when we knew it could — and should — be better.

How does this work on a daily basis?

Let’s say you and your team take good care of your CRM. It’s in good shape and you all use it consistently.

To find new companies, you check an existing customer and, from visiting their website, identify their value proposition and likely key words. You then use Google to search for similar companies, based on those keywords.

You check each new company website and assess their potential, check them individually in your CRM, and then manually enter and/or assign them. Often you’ll discover they’re already taken and start again.

This does work but it takes time for each and every lead, whether or not it ends up in your CRM. It’s reliant on judgement calls from different members of your team. It’s flawed.

With Ocean.io, you enter the platform for the first time and plug in your CRM. Within minutes, your data has been normalized and analyzed and the results are ready for you to work with. Select a company entry. You will find similar companies, already validated and assessed, within that entry. If they are already in your CRM, their status is shown. If they are a new company that we have identified, essential information and contact details are included in our platform so you can start immediately.

If you want more insight into your existing customers, you can open the platform and see an overview of their specific industries, the technologies they use, their social media presence, language distribution, and so on.

From there, automation of lead generation, scoring, and assignment saves you time and makes the entire process faster, easier, sleeker.