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Relevant filters

Target your efforts

Every lead you get as a sales team comes at a cost, whether that’s effort, money, or time. We make sure the leads you get are high quality and perfectly tailored to your value proposition so you don’t waste your resources and your sales team can do what they do best – sell.

CRM data

Granular segmentation

Traditional customer acquisition platforms focus on overly broad industry codes, which means a significant portion of your efforts and budget are wasted on leads who aren’t actually relevant. We focus on granular segmentation so you talk to the right people from the start. This approach also allows you to target your message more specifically to the sub-segment you want, tailoring your language to further increase your appeal.

Data-driven approach

We do this by taking a data-driven approach customer acquisition. We believe that better data leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to business success. That’s why we built our datasets from scratch and it’s why we have worked so hard to ensure our algorithms perform such detailed and substantive analysis.

That’s why we know your future customers better than you do.

However good you are, data-driven decisions will outweigh your gut instinct most of the time. Predictive data analysis has insights you don’t.

Data-driven platform

Our data-driven platform can tell you when a company is ready for your approach because of their technology stack. It can tell you that a business has the revenue to be a potential client even if it’s three people working in the back of the café. It can tell you which companies have the same key characteristics as your best current customers, even if they don’t look the same.

Finally, it takes into account your transactional data, meaning the results match your sales team’s experience and expertise.

That’s how works. And while it’s not quite at the touch of a button, it’s pretty close.

How does it work?


Upload a list of your best customers into our platform


Our platform classifies, clusters, and analyzes them

3. then generates lists of qualified leads

You upload a list of your best customers into our platform. It classifies, clusters, and analyzes them to profile your perfect customer and then, based on our comprehensive data set, generates lists of qualified leads in the market of your choice.

You can filter these lists further, according to metrics like technographics, web traffic, social presence, and website language, curating and bookmarking lists for the future before exporting them direct to your CRM or in a .csv file.

Our automated sales platform does all this within minutes so you can focus on selling.