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Lewis Ashman
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You might have noticed that Ocean.io has changed quite a lot in recent weeks and months. There’s a reason for that. We’re always listening to our users and trying to create products and new features that don’t just match their expectations, but exceed them.

On Thursday, May 17th, we will launch the newest version of Ocean.io and – for the first time – we will offer brand new, powerful functionality outside of Gmail.

This means you’ll be able to use Ocean.io on any website – giving you everything you need to know about any company, and the power to reach out directly to the right people, track social media activity, and keep tabs on similar companies.

And don’t worry, you’ll also enjoy the same Gmail experience as before. And, as ever, you can expect constant improvements as we work hard on squashing bugs, speeding up our servers, and giving you more information on the people and companies behind your emails.

So, what’s new?

A lot! This is more than an upgrade; it’s a game changer. We think these latest additions are going to make your life a whole lot easier, and we’re super excited about them. Not everything will be available in its final form on the day of the launch, but will be rolled out as soon as it’s ready. And, as ever, you can expect constant improvements and upgrades along the way.

Company information

The 'Company' tab on the new Ocean.ioYou’ll see the same essential company information – except now you don’t need to be in Gmail to do it. Whatever website you are looking at, you can now click the Ocean.io icon in your browser and see a new, fresh look with the same comprehensive business profile. You’ll get everything, from its current status and a description of what it does, to its location and the number of employees it has.









The power to reach out

Employees tab in the new Ocean.ioUsers familiar with our Employee Finder feature will be pleased to know that this too has made its way out of Gmail and straight into your browser. Now you’ll be able to see a list of available employees, with their name, job title and even links to their social profiles, for any company whose website you are looking at. Reach out to them right there and then from your web browser. It’s fair to say this will change the way you communicate – no need to copy and paste or switch tabs. It’s all right there, in one spot. Easy.








Social activity

The social activity tab in the new Ocean.ioThis is a brand new feature for the new Ocean.io. Now you can see a breakdown of a company’s social profiles, including how many likes or followers they have and how much they’re being talked about on a given social network. You can also track their recent growth over time. That market research sorted for you, at the click of a button.









Related companies

The Similar Companies tab in the new Ocean.ioThis is something we’ve been looking forward to introducing for a while. Now Ocean.io shows you a list of similar companies to the website you are visiting, giving you an overview of the main players in the field, and showing you how they stack up. Check out alternatives, competitors, and how your own business measures up. Be careful though – it’s addictive.










How do I get it?

It’ll take just one click. We’re changing quite a lot of how the Ocean.io extension actually works. So on 17th May – or whenever you next open your browser after that date – Chrome will ask you to confirm that you’re happy for us to improve how Ocean.io works.

When we launch the new Ocean.io, the icon in your browser should be transformed into a little yellow warning sign with an exclamation mark. That just means that your extension won’t work until you confirm the upgrade.

Click the icon and you’ll see a pop up like this one:


How you upgrade to the new Ocean.io by clicking 'Ocean.io is disabled'


This is an important update so that we can bring you accurate, up-to-date information outside of Gmail – giving you the best experience of Ocean.io.

Is my data still safe?

One thing stays the same: our attitude to your privacy. We are dedicated to providing a transparent and safe product for our users. Here’s how we’re going to do it.

*Disclaimer: I’m about to get a little bit serious.*

Some people find data privacy boring. Those people aren’t us. So please bear with me.

Essentially, Ocean.io will keep a temporary, anonymized store of your browsing activity. This is because Ocean.io is breaking free of the constraints of your email inbox, so we need permission for more than just Gmail. (That’s why Chrome will now ask you for Ocean.io to ‘read and change all your data on the websites that you visit’).

Your privacy is our priority, so this data will be stored locally on your device unless you decide later to synchronize the data with our servers.

But however you choose to use Ocean.io in the future, we are not about to start monetizing your data through ads, and we’ll never make it accessible to third parties.

We’re proud to be GDPR compliant, and have a robust privacy policy – check it out for yourself.

We hope that’s transparent enough for you. We’ll always give you the ability to clear the data we have on your browsing activity – just like within your browser itself.

In sum, you can take this as a guarantee, we’ll:

never store your data any longer than you want us to

never use it for anything but improving your Ocean.io experience, and

always tell you why we need to collect it

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below. Or you can let us know via our Support page.

What next?

We’re very excited about what Ocean.io now offers.

All our hard work is being translated into progress, and the positive feedback we’ve been getting from our users along the way has kept us motivated and focused on the next challenge. 

We’re on a mission to empower businesses and supercharge their growth. We want to help them get to know their customers, collaborators, and competitors better – and the latest version of Ocean.io brings us closer than ever to realizing that ambition. 

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