Union Andina de Cementos SAA

Union Andina de Cementos SAA (UNACEM SAA), formerly Cementos Lima SAA, is a Peru-based company engaged in the production of cement. The Company operates through three business segments: Cement Production and Marketing, Production and Marketing of Concrete and Generation and Sale of Electricity by using water resources. The Company’s products include cement, clinker, concrete and other construction materials, which include Portland Type I cement, Portland Type I low alkali content cement, Type IP Pozzolanic Portland cement, Type II low alkali clinker, Type V low alkali content clinker, Portland type V low alkali content cement, Clinker Type I and Type I low alkali content clinker, among others. The Company is also involved in the generation of electric power. The Company owns such subsidiaries as Inversiones en Concreto y Afines SA, Transportes Lurin SA and Generacion Electrica de Atocongo SA, among others.
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    Av. Atocongo 2440 Villa Maria del Triunfo LIMA