Ocean Mail ID™ – Enriched Contact Cards Inside Your Inbox.
Ocean Mail ID™

Want to know who sent you that mail?

Chrome store rating
Chrome store rating

With Ocean Mail ID™, we help you understand who you’re talking to, so you can focus on what to say. Ocean Mail ID™ delivers enriched contact cards to increase your productivity and mail efficiency. It gives you peace of mind by automating the due diligence process of contacts and companies from inside your Gmail inbox.

Intelligent. Scalable. Trusted.

Customize your Gmail™

Customize your Gmail workflow to include enriched contact cards that let you screen people and the companies they work for without leaving your inbox.

Ocean API™ Image
Ocean API™ Image

Validate companies

Ocean Mail ID™ gives you the information you need to verify the existence of companies and kick off your due diligence process based on the most important company details.

Access social profiles

Click through to the sender’s social media profiles from inside Gmail. That way, it will be easy for you to catch up with their recent activity before replying to incoming mails.

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Ocean Mail ID™

Single-user license

Ocean Mail ID™

Multi-user license

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

  • First and last name
  • Profile picture or avatar
  • Professional work title
  • Company description
  • Company website url
  • Number of employees
  • Company registered location
  • Registered industry classification
  • Link to social media profiles
Ocean Verified Icon

The Ocean.io verify badge

The Ocean.io verify badge lets you know you’re working with quality data. We give you 137,601,784 officially registered companies in 53 countries and enrich it with real-time data from the Web. By using official company registries as the fundamental basis of our database, we’re able to verify the company as a legal entity. Every data point is reviewed by a dedicated team of specialists who use machine learning and AI technology to enrich the baseline with additional information from numerous sources. The data is analyzed, normalized and ready to use. It’s a must for us to display content that is neither altered nor cherry-picked in any way, meaning that we aim to cover from pole to pole and enrich all company profiles equally whether it’s a Fortune 500 or a one-man startup. The Ocean.io verify badge is your guarantee of quality data.

Intelligent. Scalable. Trusted.

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