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Do you need better data?

With the Ocean API™, you get data from every officially registered company in the world enriched with real-time data from the Web. We provide you with 144,934,091 officially registered companies in 53 countries, including up to 30 years of historical data depending on the region. Our data is analyzed, normalized and ready to use – with 99.95 uptime guaranteed.


We’ve implemented machine learning and AI into the Ocean API™ to enrich the data on which the API runs. As a result, you won’t have to waste time doing mundane and deceptively complicated tasks – the API will do the thinking for you.


The Ocean API™ is made to function under any possible circumstances and designed to be used and re-used for a number of applications. We’ve focused on ensuring the performance and scalability of the API, meaning that you can expect the quality that will provide your desired results without having to worry about performance issues.


By using official registries as the foundation of our database and enriching it with real-time information from the Web, we can ensure that the data you access through the Ocean API™ is verified and up-to-date. That way, you can focus on insights and actions instead of worrying about whether your data is up for the task.

30,000 free API calls

Per month

30,000+ API calls

Per month

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

  • Company name
  • Official registration number
  • Registered industry classification
  • Company description
  • Company website url
  • Official logo
  • Switchboard phone number
  • Number of employees
  • Company registered location
  • Date of establishment
  • Company status
  • Link to social media pages
Ocean Verified Icon

The Ocean.io verify badge

The Ocean.io verify badge lets you know you’re working with quality data. We give you 137,601,784 officially registered companies in 53 countries and enrich it with real-time data from the Web. By using official company registries as the fundamental basis of our database, we’re able to verify the company as a legal entity. Every data point is reviewed by a dedicated team of specialists who use machine learning and AI technology to enrich the baseline with additional information from numerous sources. The data is analyzed, normalized and ready to use. It’s a must for us to display content that is neither altered nor cherry-picked in any way, meaning that we aim to cover from pole to pole and enrich all company profiles equally whether it’s a Fortune 500 or a one-man startup. The Ocean.io verify badge is your guarantee of quality data.

Intelligent. Scalable. Trusted.

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