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Coal Fe Resources Limited is a coal producer in the Republic of Indonesia. The company explores and exploits coal tenements encompassing the key stages of exploration, mine planning, infrastructure development and production. It also explores opportunities in other minerals and ores in the Republic of Indonesia. The Company, through its subsidiaries PT Techventure Indocoal and Lambang Bitara Sdn Bhd, holds certain rights to the projects: The PT. Pancaran Surya Abadi Project (Abadi Coal Project) and Andalas Iron Ore Project. The Abadi Coal Project is located in the district of Muara Badak and Anggana, Regency of Kutai Kartanegara. The tenement encompasses an area of about 991 hectares. Its exploration has defined coal resources of about 34.5 million tons within about a third of the tenement. The Company, through PT Techventure Indocoal has about 70% interest in four Indonesian companies, which holds exploration licenses for iron concessions in Central and West Sumatra, Indonesia.
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