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Neuro-Biotech Corp. provides biomedical research and analytical services in Montenegro and internationally. Its services include regulatory control of industrial activities and products; scientific surveillance of the living environment; research and development of biomedical products and technologies; regulatory evaluation and certification of biomedical products; fundamental scientific research; and development of new diagnostic methods and experimental medical treatments. The company also researchers and develops new biomedical and food products; provides programs for graduate research studies in biomedical and environmental fields; offers two channel analog NMS, digital muscle stimulator, digital TENS, interferential, elite combination, portable four channel digital, portable ultra sound, and other healthcare devices; and provides photon red light for beauty, electric pain relief products, microcurrent electrical nerve stimulators, and high volt pulsed stimulators. In addition, it develops and commercializes microbicidal agents; disinfectant products; bandages for large burns, hard surface disinfection, microbicidal treatment of fabrics and textile products, insecticides against bed bugs and other textile goods, microbicidal towels, and mouthwash products; Purilair, an appliance that sterilizes compressed air circulating within medical instruments; colloidal silver and electro medical devices; and BioStim INF that is used for edema reduction, pain relief, and total treatment. Further, the company provides quality control, regulatory, healthcare, environmental services, environmental analysis, building decontamination, and environmental protection and management services; and regulatory certifications of new biomedical products. Neuro-Biotech Corp. was founded in 2010 and is based in Podgorica, Montenegro with a representative office in Montreal, Canada.
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