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Lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences are one of the ways that B2C marketing has revolutionized its effectiveness over the past few years. Done properly, they can cut your customer acquisition costs by 50% or more.

Of course, B2C and B2B marketing are different. For one thing, companies aren’t people. The detailed data that social platforms can obtain about their users isn’t available for companies so B2B lookalike audiences are much more difficult to create successfully.

It’s not hard to understand why. How do you determine the size of a company? A one-man podcast might generate millions in revenue but, if you’re looking for companies with 100+ employees, that’s no good. Or a restaurant might employ 100+ but the relatively low revenue means they can’t afford additional expenditures.

What about location, when increasingly physical locations and even languages aren’t a barrier to sale? Or industries? A lookalike audience based on the industry code “computer services” isn’t going to generate the kind of targeted audience you want.

Keyword extraction and indexing

That’s why our datasets and algorithms are so important to how we work. We’re never going to use industry codes as the starting point for your lookalikes. Instead, we use keyword extraction and indexing to create a pinpoint assessment of a company’s value proposition. We convert this into accurate multi-layered industry tagging and classification. This is the entry point for our clustering.

Our approach allows us to correctly classify companies that operate in an intersection of different categories and fields of expertise. Instead of classing Drift as a “Software” company, we’ll classify it as a “Software”, “Conversational AI”, “Marketing Automation” company – and so on until we get the most accurate classification.

Classify companies accurately

We will also correctly classify companies that have specialized within a given main category. For instance, a real estate company can operate with rentals, property for sale, real estate development, etc. “Real Estate” doesn’t cover the complexity of most companies operating in that sphere.

Combining this clustering with transactional data gives you exactly the type of targeted customer segmentation your organization needs, allowing you to focus on the right types of accounts to bring in. It also means you already have the expertise to convert those accounts because we’ve taken into account your previous successes.

Next, we allow you to mirror these clusters in the database, generating a multitude of perfect B2B lookalike audiences in any market of your choice for your email and LinkedIn campaigns. The perfect marketing audiences are waiting for you in our platform.