Market Intelligence

See the future and make big strategic insights through predictive market analysis

Get answers to the big questions analyses thousands of data points in your CRM and projects it onto our massive market dataset.
The result is reliable predictions to answer the big, hairy "what if" questions.

Who is my best customer?

Who is my next customer?

Who should Marketing target?

What are the right industries?

Where are the openings in the market?

How big is the market?

What will close fastest?

What generates the best LTV

Find your biggest revenue opportunities

See into the future with predictive market analysis. combines sales performance data from your CRM with our massive market dataset to create predictive models showing the revenue potential of various industries, countries, and regions.

Calculate your TAM

Quantify your total revenue potential in a snap. Roll up your industry and geographic projections into a global overview.

We doubled our demo booking rate in the first week
Quirijn KleppeHead of Growth @ Leadinfo gives us new bandwidth in Sales
George LoraineHead of Sales Development @ Brandbassador focuses our spend on the right companies
Martin Nørgaard KlausenCo-Founder @ ZenMedia

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