Ukio Bankas AB

Ukio Bankas AB (UB AB) is a Lithuania-based commercial bank, which is involved in the provision of banking, financial investment, life insurance and leasing services to individuals and companies. It offers such services as electronic banking, accounts and payments, payment cards, saving and investment, loans, insurance, foreign exchange and money market, safe deposit box rent and other financial services. The Bank is a parent company of Ukio Bankas Group, which consists of such subsidiaries as: Ukio banko lizingas UAB, GD Bonum Publicum UAB, Ukio banko investiciju valdymas UAB, Trade Project UAB, Turto valdymo paslaugos UAB, UAB Zalgirio sporto arena, UAB ZSA 1, UAB ZSA 2, UAB ZSA 3, UAB ZSA 4 and UAB ZSA 5, among others. In February 2013, the Bank of Lithuania recognized UB AB as insolvent and permanently terminated its license and agreed to transfer its assets to Siauliu bankas AB. On May 2, 2013, Kaunas Regional Court has started the bankruptcy proceedings against the Company.
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