Linas Agro Group AB

Linas Agro Group AB is a Lithuania-based holding company involved in the agricultural sector. It’s activities are structured into five basic segments: The Grains and Oilseeds segment includes wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower and linseed, among others; The Feedstuffs segment’s activities include international supply of and trade in secondary products of the food industry, such as sunflower cake, sunflower meal and others; The Agricultural segment covers supplies of such products for crop production as seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, and agricultural machinery; The Farming segment covers primary production of agricultural produce, including diary production, as well as cultivation of grains, rape and sugar beet, and the Other Products and services segment covers sales of solid biofuel. In February 2014, it acquired poultry companies SIA Lielzeltini, SIA Cerova, and SIA Broileks. In May 2014, it sold a 100% stake of UAB Lignineko.
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