IRF European Finance Investments Ltd.

IRF European Finance Investments Ltd. (IRF) is engaged in seeking investment opportunities in the financial sector in Europe with a focus on financial institutions, investment funds and insurance companies based in South Eastern Europe, including controlling or non-controlling investments in public and private entities. The company also focuses on financial institutions outside of Europe, select distressed opportunities in other industries in the United States and, generally, companies, which previously may have been an investment grade. IRF holds approximately 17.91% of the issued shares in Marfin Investment Group (MIG) as of 31 December 2012. MIG invests in private equity, privatizations and infrastructure projects and principally operates in Greece, Cyprus and South East Europe. The Company’s subsidiaries include Mimosa Trading SA, Myrtle Trading Company and IRF US. The Company, through IRF US, indirectly holds S. Goldman Asset Management LLC.