Neurosoft S A

Neurosoft was founded in 1994 as a local, in-house, software development company. Since then it has evolved into a fully integrated ICT company combining Software Development and System Integration capabilities, listed in AIM Milan since 2009. Headquartered in Athens with presence in Cyprus, Dubai and London (Q2 2015), Neurosoft now has a headcount of 80+ mainly highly trained and specialized engineers. On Monday, December 15th, 2014, the merger of Neurosoft S.A. through absorption of Kestrel Information Systems S.A. was completed. Thus, the new entity under the name Neurosoft, as it results from the said merger, will have the chance to offer its clients, both in Greece and abroad, a wide and full variety of products and services in the fields of Software Development and System Integration. In Software Development the company Designs, Develops and Integrates Innovative Products and Solutions for Sports Betting companies and Factoring & other Financial Institutions while in System Integration it Designs, Implements, Operates and Supports Large Scale Infrastructure Solutions for Operators of Critical Networks and Critical National Infrastructure Stakeholders.