Conversus Capital, L.P.

Conversus Capital, L.P. (Conversus) is a publicly traded portfolio of third party private equity funds that provides immediate exposure to a diversified portfolio of private equity assets managed by best-in-class general partners. Conversus’ objective is to maximise long term unit holder value by harvesting its portfolio and returning capital to unit holders. Conversus is currently invested in a portfolio that includes commitments to primary funds, funds purchased on the secondary market and direct co-investments in individual companies. The portfolio is comprised of participations in over 200 funds with exposure to over 1,800 underlying corporates. Conversus has also deployed capital to repurchase its units and has a quarterly unit holder distribution policy. Conversus Asset Management, an independent asset manager, implements the Company’s investment policies and procedures and carries out the day-to-day management and operations of the business pursuant to a services agreement.
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    c/o Conversus GP Limited, Trafalgar Court, Les Banques St. Peter Port GY1 3QL ST PETER PORT