Frequently asked questions

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What is Ocean.io?
How do I use Ocean.io?
How will Ocean.io help my business?
How is Ocean.io different from other customer data platforms?
Can I integrate with my CRM?
What are the price plans?


Which countries are included in Ocean.io’s coverage?
Can I base my search on any company?
Are business email addresses on Ocean.io verified?


I need information about our Ocean.io license and contract.
How do I delete and create a new “seat”?
I have a problem with my password.
How can I change my Ocean.io user email address or name?
I need a custom solution, can you help me?


Where does Ocean.io get its data from?
Can I read your EULA?
Does Ocean.io take care of my data?
Is Ocean.io compliant with GDPR?
Will Ocean.io sell my data?
Will you ever send me any unsolicited email or spam?