Rhiannon Garth JonesJuly 5, 2019

Your brand lives online

No matter what you do, your business is going to need a strong online presence. This is especially important if your product is digital and if you expect interactions with your brand to take place principally online.

Your website will become an online home for your brand, so it’s your chance to sell your products, showcase what you stand for as a company, and clearly demonstrate what problems you are solving and value you are providing for your customers.

Your brand lives online

Trends in website design are constantly shifting, and the bar is always being raised in terms of usability and overall aesthetic. Most people landing on your site are expecting to get a clean, modern web experience. And they expect to find exactly what they’re looking for, and exactly what they need to know, almost immediately.

A good way to start is by checking out what your competitors and peers are doing online. And, of course, try to do even better.

Or you could look at UX Timeline, which gives you a taste of how some of the most popular websites and digital services have changed in the last few years, and what kind of visual experience people are accustomed to nowadays. It also shows what your website shouldn’t look like, which is important!

It’s important to remember things like fonts, colour schemes, and images – they might seem like they aren’t very important in the grand scheme of things but they contribute to an instant picture of your brand and it’s essential to get it right. We have more advice for you on this here.

Content matters

The next thing to consider is content.

Whether or not you’re using content for your inbound marketing, lots of customers now expect content on your website. If you are going down this road, make sure you get it right. If you want to make a positive impression online with your website, you’ll have to optimize, optimize, optimize.

When it comes to content, you can’t just be thinking about the people viewing your website right now. You also need to consider the people who haven’t even discovered it yet. Use the right keywords and create the right content to boost your ranking on Google (and other search engines) relating to the questions and topics your product relates to.

That way you’ll increase organic traffic to your website, making your business visible online and creating positive first impressions in the minds of potential customers of the future.

There are plenty of tools out there to help you find the right keywords and search topics to boost SEO. This blog post by Neil Patel is a good place to start.

The small print

You’ll also want to make sure that all your content and web copy is in the right tone – like the visuals, this matters a great deal. Your brand voice is another instant way to show prospects who you are and why they should buy from you. Make the wrong first impression and you may never get a second chance.

We’ve got a quick intro to getting your brand voice right here. It might seem like a lot of work upfront but it’s work that you will appreciate time and again in the future and will help you make the perfect first impression you need.

There’s plenty more to online branding, of course, but this is a good start. If you want to dive deeper, we’ve got a guide to social selling here and a look at best practice on Instagram here. That should keep you going for a while.

If you want to know more about the customer acquisition process, we've got a handy "Ultimate Introduction to Customer Acquisition".

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