Rhiannon Garth JonesDecember 20, 2019

Product update: company size filter released

At Ocean.io, we take customer feedback seriously. So, when you told us that a company filter was important to you, we listened and bumped it up our list of priorities. We’ve been working on this for a while now because company size can be difficult to assess accurately and we never want to provide you with a sub-par product.

But it’s finally here – and just in time for Christmas. Happy holidays, one and all!

From now on, you should be able to see a company size filter on the left of your screen.

We’ve calculated employee numbers from a combination of sources to make them as precise as possible, including LinkedIn, Crunchbase, company registries, and our own proprietary algorithms.

Of course, we know that the number of employees isn’t the only way to measure company size. That’s part of the reason we also show you web traffic and a company’s social presence score. Now you can combine those to get a more nuanced picture of your current and prospective companies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We also know that a lot of our customers use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the platform's proprietary tool for networking and selling across its network. LinkedIn's poor industry classifications (user-generated, rarely updated, overly broad) has long been an issue limiting the potential of this tool and a reason why we don't rely on it.

We've always had a manual way to combine Ocean's core capability to identify companies within a specific segment and filter by your qualification (size, technology, etc.) with Sales Navigator.

But you said you wanted a smoother process so we've developed a direct export. Identify a list of companies you’d like to reach out to and, using our new Sales Navigator export, import it straight into LinkedIn's tool. You can then make the most of LinkedIn’s strengths, such as title segmentation, to reach the right decision-makers on top of the companies that already fit your segmentation

Got more feedback? Get in touch!

We’ve got plenty more in the pipeline for 2020 but we’re always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas. Drop us a line with any feedback you have and we’ll get right on it!



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