Sandra BuschJuly 31, 2018

Still cold calling? 7 alternative tactics to find qualified leads

Some people will have you think that cold calling is dead. Killed by the digital age and social media. We, however, believe cold calling is still very much alive – but the nature of cold calling has changed.

In the olden days, dialing the phone was the first response to a business card landing on your desk. You would call without permission, in the hope that the prospective client would take the call and be bothered to listen to your sales pitch, which was deliberately generic (and boring, probably). It’s not hard to see why cold calling has a bad rep.

The good new days

It’s not the same today. The savvy salesman makes smart prospective calls, contacting people who actually have an opportunity to use the product or service and will see value in what they have to offer.

To do that, the modern sales rep has already researched the organization, understood the decision-making process, and created a unique message that will resonate with the prospect on the other end.

Approaching cold calls in this way makes it a very different experience – not robotic 🤖but actually personalized… friendly even. And, we’re gonna say, more successful. So perhaps, instead of having suffered extinction, cold calling has merely moved a few steps down the sales process? It’s certainly not the same beast it was.

This approach to cold calling – putting the work in, offering a useful service, nurturing leads – applies to other lead generation alternatives too. Cold calling can still be useful when done right but you should never roll the dice with just one tactic.

Here are seven hot and happening lead generation alternatives to calling up your prospects cold!

7 Alternatives to cold calling

  • Start blogging. When done right, blogging can help you establish yourself as an authority in your field while boosting your SEO ranking. Educate your prospects and make sure you’re offering real value.

  • Grow your audience with social media – organically and through paid ads. If you engage with the people that fit your buyer persona, social media can become much more than just a brand awareness medium.

  • Join LinkedIn groups, register on Quora, and participate in whatever online groups might be relevant for your target audience. Start answering questions your prospects are having a hard time with.

  • Track your visitors’ behavior. Make sure you know when someone is reading your blog posts, looking through product videos or taking a second look at your pricing page.

  • Make sure you use an integrated outreach platform to perform intelligent identification of prospects, so you have a frame of reference before you reach out.

  • Keep in touch with the people who didn’t go for your product or service at first. Keep offering helpful content and stay on their radar – they might change their minds.

  • Get your existing customers to do testimonials by asking them how they benefit from your solution. Make sure they’re authentic. Anything too sugary is not very convincing.

So, is cold calling dead? We wouldn’t dare say. But we would say there’s still a value in doing it right. And it never hurts to combine tactics, especially when you do your homework before you dial.

Once you start utilizing social media, engage in online forums, and being smart about your blogging, you’ll discover prospects that are 100 times more receptive to your pitch than if you had just interrupted their day with an unsought phone call.

Of course, cold calling is still an option. But whatever you do, do it right!

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