Julian BerbecAugust 13, 2020

Ocean.io teamed up with dashdash to build out a full-fledged lead generation workflow in a spreadsheet

We're excited to announce that Ocean.io data is now available through dashdash, allowing Marketers and Sales professionals to easily create fully enriched lists of ideal target customers—all in a spreadsheet.

Use Ocean.io to find ideal target companies

Ocean.io has scraped publicly available data in order to create a database of around 15 million companies (5 million from the DACH region), collecting up to 65 different data points. Knowing who your best customers are, you can use Ocean.io to generate lists of companies that are similar to them. We base our lists of lookalike companies on the content of their website, allowing us to spot domains which have used similar vocabulary to describe their value proposition.

Find key stakeholders at those companies with dashdash

Creating lists of companies that are similar to your ideal target customer is a great starting point, but how do you get through to the right decision makers? That's where a combination of dashdash's instant integrations completes the lead generation process.

With dashdash, you can interact with a variety of data sources directly from a spreadsheet cell. So once you've retrieved your list of lookalike companies from Ocean.io in your dashdash spreadsheet, you can go ahead and find the right LinkedIn profiles at those companies, enrich those profiles with an email address using Hunter, validate the email address with ZeroBounce, and automatically send the newly enriched contact to your CRM.

And the good news is: you don't even need to have an account at those services! Dashdash lets you purchase the data on-demand, so all you need is a dashdash and Ocean.io account.

Join our webinar to make this killer workflow your own

Combining Ocean.io data with dashdash's enrichment integrations gets you a pretty killer workflow, in one single spreadsheet. Hooked?

You can rewatch the webinar below.

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