Ocean.io Product Development TeamJuly 30, 2019

July product update: social presence and web traffic are here!

Our latest set of updates makes Ocean.io even more social and easier to use. Front and center is our “social presence” feature, which analyses the social media presence of a company, and our website traffic filter, which sorts companies by the number of visitors they have. We have also introduced XING for our German users, significantly improved the phone information we provide, enhanced our data, and smoothed out some minor performance issues (because even the smallest problem bugs us).

Social presence

We’ve always provided you with the social media channels of all the companies in your search results. Now we’ve stepped up our game to rate those channels for you, assessing the number of accounts and followers each company has. We’ve also weighted that score to account for activity on platforms so you know the accounts are being used.

Right now, you can filter your search results based on our social presence ranking and soon you will be able to filter by the number of followers too. Social presence is a good indication of company size and state.

The green bars indicate our ranking of a company’s social presence. Three bars, as you might be able to guess, indicates a strong social footprint: a number of channels, all active, and lots of followers.

Two bars is a solid social presence but not exceptional. One bar lets you know that the company has a social media presence but they aren’t very active.

Zero bars shows a company that has no social platform.

The rest of the card gives you the specific numbers: how many accounts and followers in total, and how many followers per account.

Web traffic

The “web traffic” addition also allows you to filter and rank companies by the amount of monthly traffic they have received to their website. This allows you to filter out low performing websites and only show the sites with a certain digital presence.

Our web traffic figures are based on a monthly average but calculated over the previous three months. This gives you a more precise view into a company’s site visitors, page views, and page views per user.

XING company data and direct links

On top of all that, we’ve added XING to our social media coverage. Since we launched in Germany, a number of German customers have come on board and we wanted to be sure they were getting the same excellent results as our other customers, who primarily use LinkedIn.

Adding XING, the premier social network for business in Germany, will increase our German users’ ability to reach out to potential customers. Furthermore, we’ve gathered company information about all the companies available on XING and added it to our dataset so you’ll get an equal representation between the company data available on XING and in Ocean.io.

Hide unwanted leads

Furthermore, we’re introducing the function to hide leads from lists that you don’t want to see in your search. This feature can be accessed from the action menu when selecting companies in a list and hides them from all future searches. But don’t worry, should you accidentally hide the wrong company, it can always be restored from the bookmarked page.

Why the social presence ranking and web traffic filtering are game-changers

We’ve discussed elsewhere why social media is so important in sales and how to get yourself started. But we also want to talk a little bit about LinkedIn and XING, business networking platforms that allow you to see the profiles of potential work contacts and customers, as well as any mutual connections.

Having immediate access to a prospect’s LinkedIn or XING profile means you can reach out to them through those platforms rather than by email or phone. But it does much more than that. It means you can tailor your message even further based on details on the prospect’s profile and they can see yours, helping you establish your brand (if you’re doing it right) with your very first communication.

If you have a connection in common, you can personalize your message further. If that connection is a colleague, you might consider changing your initial approach.

Platforms like LinkedIn and XING provide extra information and access to give you the edge in your outreach. As LinkedIn experts SocialProof believe, these professional social networks are “still extremely underrated by many so, if you get in now, you will have a hell of a head start”.

Furthermore, comparing web traffic allows you to sort out all those pesky webshops with no visitors. This is a very powerful search tool in combination with our technology filter as it gives you a very precise image of all digital-focused enterprises within a given area.

As usual, we aren’t easing up any time soon. We think these updates will make a big difference to our customers but, while you’re enjoying them, we’ll be working on the next improvements. Stay tuned…

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