Ocean.io Product Development TeamMay 24, 2019

Product update: Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, is now covered by Ocean.io

We’re extremely excited to announce that Ocean.io now covers Germany, the biggest economy in Europe and one of the most under-represented markets in customer acquisition platforms.

We are one of the first movers using artificial intelligence to let our users search and profile German companies, both large and small. This is a massive step forward for the German tech community and we are very proud to be leading the way.

Ocean.io is now a treasure trove for anyone looking to acquire customers in the German market.

Our CEO, Michael Heiberg, announced the news saying,

Cracking the German market has been a dream of mine since I founded the company. I am thrilled at the work we have put in to make such a difficult undertaking a success. There have been no good sales and marketing automation platforms in Germany until now and I am personally delighted that we are leading the way like this.

Why the big fuss?

Germany is traditionally an extremely difficult market to crack, partly because of the way companies are registered. The size and the strength of its economy, however, make it a crucial market for any company looking to expand.

There are more than 4 million registered German companies in Ocean.io. Our team has matched every one of those companies with their URL and contact information, indexed by key characteristics instead of unreliable industry codes, making company profiling accurate and focused.

A particularly interesting aspect of the German market is the rate at which its startup community is growing. Berlin was named the best startup city in the world for 2019 and three other German cities made the top 40, more than any other country except the USA. Small companies and startups are often overlooked by customer acquisition platforms but, at Ocean.io, we know they can be essential to your customer profiling.

Between our new technographics capability and our coverage of Germany, we are making huge strides and we don’t plan to slow down any time soon.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself, using your own search criteria and filters. Go on, try it for free (and we are Danish, so ‘free’ means free).

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