Ocean.io Product Development TeamJuly 20, 2019

Product update: enhanced HubSpot and Pipedrive-integration launched

The feature updates are coming thick and fast (don’t worry, we won’t be slowing down any time soon)! This time we’re launching our enhanced CRM-integration, which should make life even easier for our customers.

Previously, users have been able to download lists of target companies as a .csv file and upload into their CRM but now we’re cutting out the middle man. Users of HubSpot and Pipedrive will be able to export lists straight into their CRM, saving time and streamlining the customer acquisition process even further.

Currently, HubSpot and Pipedrive are the most popular CRMs with our user-base but we will soon be fully compatible with Salesforce and other CRMs – stay tuned!

Keep your eyes peeled

Very soon, we expect to be taking our CRM-integration even further, automatically enriching the data in your CRM with our proprietary data-sets to give you all the information you need.

Even better, we’ll do the same for the web form you have integrated on your landing page and connected to your CRM-system, meaning that you’ll be able to reduce the number of fields your customers have to fill out. With a single domain or business email input, we’ll be able to fill out all the information about your customer, auto-populate it into your CRM system, and generate a new deal in your sales pipeline.

And that’s just the start. Right now, 91% of businesses with ten or more employees use a CRM system. But your CRM system is only as good as the data in it. At Ocean.io, we firmly believe that good data leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to business success.

The enriched data we provide will allow you to perform better analysis of your current and target customers, improving your entire customer acquisition process. From sales to marketing, inbound and outbound, our data will put your company on a fast-track to growth.

Don’t believe us? Get in touch so you can see for yourself. Go on, try it.

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