Ocean.io Product Development TeamMay 15, 2019

Product update: combine AI with Technographics to find lookalike companies

Our latest Ocean.io product update is a technographic search capability that we are really excited about. “Technographic data isn’t anything new! I’ve been using BuiltWith to qualify my leads for years”, I hear you say. But this isn’t about qualifying your leads.

This Ocean.io feature update is going to radically improve your customer acquisition process. It will give you the ability to find the perfect prospects for your company.

Most companies use technographic data to qualify their leads. We believe that's the wrong way around. With Ocean.io, you can build target groups of lookalike companies that use the technologies that fit your profiling and then build intelligent outreach to only this group.

We’ve also combined the latest technographic data approach with our existing ability to find companies that share the same essential characteristics as your favorite customers, allowing you to target prospects who are perfectly tailored to your value proposition.

At Ocean.io, we do things differently

Most technographic data services work by filtering companies according to the technology they use so you can prioritize your leads. This is especially useful for any company that sells a technology or a service that depends on other specific technologies. More than that, not using technographics puts you at a disadvantage: it blurs your customer profiling and means you could miss out on new market segments.

At Ocean.io, we’ve taken things a step further and combined the power of searching by technographics with our artificial intelligence algorithms.

You can start your search with technographics, by looking up all companies with a specific technology or within a technology market, and then filtering further to fit your exact customer profile.

For instance, our search lets you identify any company using analytics software in your sales territory, with a website in whichever language you specify, filtered further for social media presence. And our search results will include small companies and startups, unlike our competitors, because we know how significant those companies can be for your value proposition.

Here's an example. In the video below, you can see how we found all of the companies in the United Kingdom and Denmark that are using analytics software, with a website in English. We know that a lot of companies like to reach out through LinkedIn so we filtered the results further to only show companies with an official LinkedIn page:

Or you can identify a group of lookalike companies, based on your best customers. Our keyword indexing means we hone in on exactly what makes your favorite customers so valuable to you and replicate that across whichever industry and market you select.

Instead of using unreliable industry codes to generate lists of companies that fall under an incredibly broad umbrella term like “internet and technology”, we identify the underlying characteristics like “SaaS startup, dealing with PPC management, using a CRM system”.

Just enter your favorite customer and we’ll do the rest.

Here's an example from one of our favorite customers, Ducksuite. This Danish company helps websites with a social presence monetize their channels. One of the obvious channels for this is Instagram, where you can link to products from posts. One of their best customers, SACKit, is a Scandinavian brand selling high-end, functional design items. Ducksuite want to find companies like SACKit in the UK.

In this video, you can see how we find lookalike companies to SACKit in the UK, filtering to make sure they have Instagram accounts. Because we know that Ducksuite is integrated with Magento and Shopify (two popular e-commerce platforms), we're further filtering to only display companies using one of these platforms. As you can see, this kind of customer profiling can get a bit niche but Ocean's got your back!

Ocean.io is a customer acquisition platform. That means we don’t just generate lists of cold leads, we create perfectly tailored lookalike company lists, qualified according to your exact specifications. And we give you the information you need and the means to reach out to convert those prospects into customers.

Putting Ocean.io into action

Using Ocean.io will help you find and qualify exactly the right type of customer. Second, it can help you find a whole new set of customers that you didn't know you had.

There are a lot of examples of how our technographic data function can improve your customer acquisition process. Here are just a few use cases:

  1. A development agency specialized in .NET content management systems, such as Umbraco, Episerver, Sitecore, wants to expand into other CMS frameworks that need to improve their platforms;

  2. A development agency specialized in e-commerce shops like Magento or Shopify;

  3. A start-up selling digital solutions that integrate with certain CRM systems;

  4. A company offering hosting solutions needs to identify hosting panel technologies;

  5. An SEO agency wants to identify sites that use Wordpress SEO plugins (meaning they’re aware of the importance of SEO, but not able to do it themselves);

  6. A business specializing in e-commerce solutions, such as related-products widgets, payment processing, shipping logistics;

  7. A company selling automation solutions wants to discover sites already using some marketing automation solutions (either because they are complementary or as an indication that the company is keen and has a budget for automation).

Don’t believe us? Book a demo and see for yourself.

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