Improve sales and marketing with exact B2B targeting

Ocean helped us focus our ad spend, which goes fast on LinkedIn.

Thijs van Donselaar Marketing Manager, monosolutions.com


Quality accounts discovered that are the right size and industry.


Old accounts deleted and replaced with better quality leads.


Sales and marketing working together with Account Based Marketing.

The Customer

Mono Solutions


Web Services



Mono delivers the ultimate SaaS-based digital marketing platform for digital service providers to sell websites and other digital products to small businesses.

The Challenge

How to build a quality account list for ABM?

Sales and marketing at Mono Solutions got together and figured out an ideal company to sell to - web hosting services.

The plan was for both teams to target the same accounts with ads and outreach on LinkedIn.

While a few big names dominate the industry, there are still a lot of quality, small web hosting businesses across Europe.

Marketing spent days researching and created a list of 400-target companies. But still, they were uncertain whether the list was of high quality.

As they started buying ads, their budget went quickly with little result. Through ad analysis and LinkedIn outreaches, it became clear that the quality of the target lists was not very high, decreasing motivation to work with the lists.

They needed a way to find better accounts.

We thought we knew the identified industry, but Ocean made us realize that we didn’t know it as well as we thought.

Thijs van Donselaar

Marketing Manager, monosolutions.com

The Solution

Lookalike company search + filters

The marketing team at Mono Solutions kept their existing segmentation, but went back to list building. They needed to find small to medium-sized companies which was a challenge when searching in Google.

They used Ocean’s domain search to find lookalike web hosting companies, and refined their list with filters for company size and website traffic. Unlike the first list, this one only took minutes to create for each country.

They checked the list with sales (who were much happier with the results), and uploaded the new targets to LinkedIn for advertising and their CRM for outbound.

Ocean helped us increase buy-in for ABM from the sales team because the target list was of very good quality

Thijs van Donselaar

Marketing Manager, monosolutions.com

The Result

Better targeting, better collaboration

By building targeted account lists with Ocean, Mono Solutions was able to delete 30-40% of their original targeting.

They went from a list of 400 mediocre accounts to 350 highly-qualified companies. And by focusing on fewer accounts, their ad spend could go further on LinkedIn.

Mono Solutions also liked how Ocean:

  • Saved time in building targeted account lists

  • Delivers high quality accounts they couldn’t’ find in Google

  • Anchored ABM with the sales team

What’s next?

Mono Solutions plans to integrating Ocean with their CRM to better synchronize accounts. And when ,moving into new countries and industries, Mono Solutions plans to use Ocean to do precise targeting.

Ocean helped us focus our ad spend, which goes fast on LinkedIn.

We went from a mediocre list of 400 accounts to a new list with 350 highly-qualified accounts by using Ocean. And 30-40% of our original was deleted.

Thijs van Donselaar

Marketing Manager, monosolutions.com