Lewis AshmanMay 4, 2018

6 (not 5) blogs we think you should be reading

At Ocean.io we don’t just love writing blogs, we love reading them too. (Big surprise, I know.) Here are the 6 (not 5) blogs that we keep coming back to for sage guidance and witty advice.

But when I say blogs, I mean blogs. To my mind (I can’t claim to speak for everyone here at Ocean.io, but that hasn’t stopped me yet), the humble blog is written by a single person, or a pretty select handful of people (like ours here at Ocean.io).

If a blog gets too big, it stops being a thread of thought pieces and reflections on life and starts to become a little bit more like a very profitable media organization in its own right.

That’s not to say those who have begun to blur the line between media company and blog don’t have a lot of useful things to offer. I’m talking about Entrepreneur, Inc., TechCrunch, Mashable, and even the likes of Moz and Copyblogger. We read them all the time. (And you probably didn’t need me to recommend them to you). But they are a bit more like specifically-themed newspapers of the digital age than what I like to think of as a good old-fashioned blog. That’s just how I feel. Call me crazy, if you will (hint: for that purpose you can use the comment box below).

As you might have noticed, there a lot of blogs out there, and on a lot of different subjects. I’ve broken down our favorites into five easy categories, which I think cover a lot of what startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are most interested in. If you have any suggestions for what else we should be looking at, let me know at the bottom of the page.


Seth’s Blog

Delve inside the mind of Seth Godin, a bestselling author and the archetypal marketing guru. Expect finely-crafted thought bubbles covering everything about marketing your business and selling your products. They might be topical, or seemingly random. As long as 400 words, or as short as 50. Always insightful.


Neil Patel

In the marketing blog game, it seems, bald is brilliant. Patel is an entrepreneur-turned-author and one of the most influential people in the world of digital marketing. Unlike with Godin’s blog, here you’ll be doing a lot of scrolling. But fear not: Patel’s writing is fantastically simple, chock-full of insight and peppered throughout with excellent infographics.




Words? Don’t need them. On AdGoodness you’ll find the latest, greatest ad campaigns and ideas, with very minimal introduction. Just pure content: videos, images, stories, and the people behind the projects. Great as a source of inspiration and as a finger on the pulse of the industry. Plus, the ‘Resources’ section is a remarkably comprehensive list of places to go if you get ad-dicted. (Sorry.)




If strategy and business development are more your thing, there’s a blog for you too. In fact, there are a lot. One of the best happens also to be focused on the tech industry – hence, we like it. Ben Thompson’s Stratechery is an immensely readable perspective on the big developments and burning issues in tech, and what that means for your business’ future. Reading this is good for your brain.



The Principal of Change

George Couros runs this blog alongside his work speaking and consulting on leadership, innovation, education and everything in-between. The Principal of Change is an admirably honest stream of thoughts and reflections on how to succeed, how to break new ground, and how to bring others with you while you do it. Yes, there are a lot of inspirational quotation memes – but, to be honest, I’d be disappointed if there weren’t.



The Searchologist

If you want to build a strong, sustainable team or maintain a thriving, successful business, you’ll need to think about smart recruitment. There are a few blogs out there to choose from, but Katrina Collier’s The Searchologist has cornered the market on how you can optimize social media to hire the right people. Short, timely posts will keep you plugged into the latest tips and tricks on how to source talent.


Over to you

That was our list. Which blogs have you been reading?

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