Dragos PetriaFebruary 1, 2019

B2B sales lead generation

Lead generation can be very tricky. Between building funnels, creating great ads, and identifying your actual audience, one small mistake can cost you thousands in lost leads. No one wants this to happen. We all want good, high quality leads coming into our funnels regularly with most – if not all – of them turning into long-term, returning clients. Unfortunately, wishes aren’t horses.

In fact, if you’re operating in the B2B arena, you’ll know that the sales cycle is usually long and tedious (because your target audience doesn’t want to be found)!

So what is the best way to generate leads in 2019?

With B2B lead generation, one thing we’ve learned over the years, whether we’re working with independent consultants or the actual companies themselves, is that there are three simple principles to follow when designing campaigns. Now, we can’t guarantee you’ll get hundreds of leads but the quality of leads you’ll get will improve drastically. And we all know that 100 great leads are much better than a thousand “not so great” ones.

1. Platforms Matter

Do you know how as individuals we can share some info or make an announcement on both Facebook and Twitter, using entirely different words? They convey the same message but have entirely different tones? Companies ought to do that too!

Yes, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all social media sites, but that’s where their similarities end. Leads from Facebook are not the same as those from LinkedIn. No matter what you’re selling online, the content of the message can be the same but the tone MUST be different.

Want to know more about B2B social selling? Check out our white paper.

2. Modify Your Funnel

No matter how hard we try, not all leads will turn into clients immediately. So you’ll need to identify and separate those not immediately interested in buying, modify their funnel, and find a way to keep yourself in front of them by giving them further information and encouraging a conversion. Data analysis, CRM tools, and customer personas all play a part in identifying behavior patterns that allow you to split leads into different buckets and design different funnels for each of them.

Working with the right lead generation tool or lead generation software makes all the difference here, especially once you identify the common traits of good and very good leads. A good tool can help you generate more of the right type of potential customers.

3. Follow The Money

The best way to identify new customers is to learn everything there is to know about your current paying customers, identify their similarities, and target companies that share the same features. Now this isn’t breaking news – every marketer worth their salt knows to do this but it’s easier said than done. Or is it?

If you live in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, or the UK, there’s an easier way. Ocean.io has created an innovative B2B lead generation software you could use to identify new customers similar to your existing ones. All you have to do is input a company website and we’ll shoot out similar companies.

Alternatively, you can also look for new customers by using keywords that define your ideal customer. Filter using a multitude of differentiators, such as location or language, social media profiles or keywords. From there on, you can simply identify the most appropriate contact, choose a preferred channel and reach out. Export successful leads into your CRM system and you’re set!

Plus we’re offering everyone who signs up a 7-day free trial – no auto payment and absolutely no credit card required. We’re also offering a free 15-minute intro with our Head of Customer Success, to get you started on the right foot.

To conclude, new strategies come up every day but what really matters is how you use these channels to generate new leads.

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