Join the round pegs in the square holes

We’re a tech start-up that’s – almost grown up. We’re constantly expanding and hiring new, brilliant people, ready to join this odd and fantastic journey we began four years ago.

Careers at

We’ve kept our start-up feel while carefully developing the kind of environment we looked for, when we first started our careers. We make sure you grow through great projects, conferences and courses. No idea is too big or small, and you get free rein to test them out. Management, or anyone really, is never more than a Slack away, and initiatives are always rewarded with high-fives. We think going to work should feel like meeting up with a bunch of awesome people, doing awesome stuff. If that sounds good to you, you may just like it here.

Your next adventure

As we incidentally seem to keep growing this company of ours, we’d love to hear from you, if you’re passionate about data, enjoy a fast environment, and generally like to be around cool people.

We love to surround ourselves with smart people, so if you got brains and talent, please send us an application – whether we have a position open or not.
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Everything you need, nothing you don’t

We’re pretty relaxed about a lot of stuff but few things we are quite adamant about. The following are never up to debate.
  • fishing

    Equipment nerds rejoice!

    We geek out about new gear on a very regular basis, so we totally get that having the right equipment to work on makes all the difference. A dedicated Mac-lover? Or an avid Windows-user? Perhaps another cool machine we don’t even know? Regardless, you name it, we buy it.
  • chest

    High expectations = great rewards

    Since we expect much from our employees, we also make sure their time spent working is worth it. Our salaries are therefore competitive compared to market standards. We don’t really have time to hire the second-best.
  • palm

    We pay you to relax. No, really, we do.

    You’ll be spending the majority of your waking hours with us but we don’t want your work to be your whole life. To prove that we mean it, we pay you while you’re on holiday. No strings attached. So, head on over to the pool bar and have another drink – it’s on us.
  • map

    Get smarter every single day

    The more you learn; the more we learn. So we’ve made a habit of sending our employees to conferences, courses, and events that can expand their horizons and make all of us a little more knowledgeable. We think it’s quite the win-win.
  • hammock

    Need an office break?

    We do our utmost to create an atmosphere that makes you want to come to work every day. However, we totally understand that sometimes you just need a day in your sweatpants at home or at a café without anyone knocking on your door. If that makes you happy, it makes us happy too.
  • cocktail

    That sweet, sweet sustenance

    Brain power requires fuel – and a lot of it. We provide lunch everyday (regardless of your dietary preferences; we find something you actually want to eat) and we’re quite big on snacks and drinks.