Sao Martinho SA

Sao Martinho SA is a Brazil-based holding company primarily engaged in the sale and production of sugar and ethanol. It is engaged in the cultivation of sugar cane and production and sale of sugar, ethanol and other sugar cane products. The Company is also involved in the cogeneration of electricity and cattle breeding, as well as the provision of agricultural products. The Company produces hydrous ethanol, anhydrous ethanol, industrial ethanol, ribonucleic acid, fuel oil, yeast, sugar and sugarcane biogases, used to generate steam and electricity. Through its subsidiary Omtek, the Company produces ribonucleic acid (RNA) sodium salt, which is used in the pharmaceutical and food industries as a raw material and flavor enhancer. In August 2014, the Company reached 92.14% stake in Santa Cruz SA Acucar e Alcool and sells entire stake in Agro Pecuaria Boa Vista SA.
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    Fazenda Sao Martinho, S/N - Zona Rural 14850-000 PRADOPOLIS