Abril Educacao SA

Abril Educacao SA is a Brazil-based company engaged in the education sector. It is primarily active in the editing, printing, advertising and sale, in the wholesale and retail markets, of books, courses and publications. The Company operates in the segment of primary and pre-university education, with business lines such as Editoras Atica and Scipione - book publishing houses and SER teaching system; Sistema de Ensino Abril Educacao - English teaching system and pre-university entrance courses; PH Group - basic schools teaching and pre-university entrance courses; ETB Group - technical and professional teaching schools; Maxiprint Grafica e Editora - Maxi teaching system; Escola Satelite S.A. - onsite courses; Edumobi - digital content distribution technology; SGE - GEO teaching system; Jafar - preparatory courses for civil service exams; Red Balloon - English language teaching schools for children and teenagers, and EiVoce - E-professional training, E-learning and free courses.
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