December 23, 2020

Year in Review: 2020

For all our customers and everyone here at Ocean, it's been an unusual year. Not the year you — or we — were expecting and certainly not the challenges we were expecting to take on.

That said, every time we've spoken to you we've seen how innovative you've been in transforming your approach under new circumstances, streamlining your processes, reconfiguring your customer relationships, and generally raising the bar.

That attitude has helped inspire us throughout the year to keep lifting our game too.

It's been a difficult year in so many ways but it was also the year that we:

— Expanded the Ocean family into the DACH market

— Added millions of contact details to
our company search (and growing more)

— Rolled out new data based
pipeline recommendations in beta

Ocean is the easiest way to find new accounts.

George LoraineAccount Executive, Brandbassador

Opening up new markets

When we updated our geolocation service all the way back in February, we didn't realise just how quickly it would become integral to companies looking to switch markets as countries around the world locked down. So many of you have since fed back how helpful that was in translating your expertise into new markets to keep your pipelines moving.

CRM integration

Your CRM is the foundation and we’ve been working to make our CRM integration better and better.

Now, if a search result exists in your CRM, we show if the latest deal attached it is assigned, lost or won, or if there's no deal attached to it.

We also have a column showing the last activity date. You can also now export more data to your CRM than before from Ocean too.

Ocean saves incredible amounts of time.

Martin FlenhaganHead of Sales, Netmore M2M

Precision targeting

We wanted to provide you with the most accurate search results in the business and we’re doing that by assigning each company in our database with their own unique context vector, allowing us to assemble vertical lookalikes to any company you search. For example, if you enter “Templafy”, we are able to capture essential characteristics well beyond “Computer Software” and suggest companies that work in “Saas”, “Document Management”, “Enterprise” and “with 50+ employees” before allowing you to filter further for technographics, geolocation, etc.

User-friendly design

As part of our UX improvements, we have given you the option to supplement your searches with industry tags so you can narrow your results even further. The drop down options are grouped according to broader classifications to allow you to keep things simple.

We’ve also set up customizable accounts, allowing you to personalize your Ocean experience so you can get the most out of it. You can now edit columns in the search table, select more data inputs from Ocean, and exclude options for bookmarking companies so you can ignore companies you’ve already exported or dismissed.

From Ocean to you

On a personal note, we were thrilled to expand into the DACH region and have made great strides opening up the German-speaking tech community. That's something near and dear to our hearts and we're especially happy to have added this region to our platform this year.

We've also added some fantastic people across our team so that we can deliver an even better product, even better support, and even better customer service next year.

It's been a long, long year but we've reached the end in better shape and we know many of you have too. We're looking forward to taking everything we've learnt and working with you to make 2021 really special.

Happy Holidays from Ocean!

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