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HOW TO INSTANTLY GET 25 LEADS FOR YOUR COMPANY [b2b growth-hacking playbook]

HOW TO INSTANTLY GET 25 LEADS FOR YOUR COMPANY [b2b growth-hacking playbook]

There's always one, right? The customer that just fits perfectly. The sweet spot.

Everyone has their favorite customer. The one you wish all your customers were like.

If you just had 3-5 new versions of that ideal customer every month, imagine how quickly your revenue would increase.

Now you can find customers just like them.

And it’s surprisingly simple.

How to instantly get 25 free leads for your company (B2B growth-hacking playbook)

Of course, there are quite a few companies who claim they can help you find prospects just like your paying customers for FREE.

1). Alternativeto.net

2). Ocean.io

3). Spyfu

4). Ahrefs

5). SEMRush

6). WooRank

7). SimilarWeb

8). Google

We’re going to find similar companies to one of your top paying clients by using Ocean.io.

Get access to 25 free leads via Ocean.io

Identify your favorite customer (maybe you have more than one – the dream).

Go to the URL below.


Enter your favorite customer and your company email into the submission form.

Now check your email.

We told you this was simple, right?

(This might actually take a few minutes, as Ocean.io manually checks your details are legit).

When you get approved, you’ll get access to Ocean.io.


The email should look like this:

The company URL that you inserted will be at the top, with the most similar companies listed below.

For this example, we used a payment processing company in order to see global competitors:

Ocean.io ranks the companies by order of relevance.

They do this with a pretty sophisticated context vector that uses Natural Language Processing to understand all the information on each company website, rather than relying on industry codes.

For our purposes, though, what matters is that it is by far the most accurate at determining similarity.


The second result on our list is 85.00% similar to our searched URL.

Next, you should refine your search by using some of their filters:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Social Media presence
  3. Companies for which Ocean.io has at least 1 non-generic contact (for Sales people)
  4. Relevance score (the higher the score the more similar they are)
  5. Industry
  6. Country
  7. Language

Of course, it might not matter if one company is almost identical to your favorite customer if they work in a different language.

So it’s important to use the filters to get the best results – we don’t want to waste time further down the line!

The goal is to end up with around 25–50 qualified leads.

To make them as qualified as possible, we will use filters to match them more closely to your best customer's profile.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how to do that.

First of all, open the filters. That’s the funnel looking icon on the upper left of the page:

Let’s try traffic first.

We selected a minimum of 50,000 visitors per month.

Of course, we only want competitors that are a close match, so we set the relevancy score at 70.

Raising the relevancy score means the number of leads will drop but they will be higher quality leads. It’s all about finding a balance.

See how close you can get to 80% relevance without going under 25 leads.

Pretend you’re on the Price is right [Meme]

Click apply.

Close the filters.

If you’ve used the filters correctly you should have 25+ qualified leads and you’re ready to export.

Export 25 free leads in a CSV format

Select all your qualified free leads by clicking the box next to the company. You can click on shift to select multiple options.

Everything should be selected – see the blue check?

Click “Add to List”.

Select “Default List,” then click “add”.

You’ll see, “prospects successfully added!”

Woohoo! Getting there!

Go to the top and click the icon that looks like a bookmark or “save for later” button:

Select All lists and click,  “Default List”

Almost there...

Click “Download All”.

Check the box that says, “include all contacts... etc”

Click “export.”

There we go!!!

Access your 25 FREE leads by clicking HERE.

If you liked the playbook, you can just do one of the following:

  • Book a meeting with one of our sales team, by following THIS LINK.
  • Watch a short video about Ocean.io
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