Julian Berbec — 03 February 2020
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Ocean.io: Investor's secret AI weapon

Ocean.io: Investor's secret AI weapon

Get a list of competitors instantly!

Venture capital is all about early discovery and competitor analysis.

Between evaluating new opportunities, working with existing investments, relationship building and managing daily fund operations, it’s obvious that an investor’s time is very valuable.

Hunting for competitors to evaluate the uniqueness of an investment is a long process.


When evaluating new opportunities, you probably consider the following four aspects as indications about whether or not you should pursue an investment or not:

  • Who are the competitors?
  • Who are the suppliers?
  • Who are the distributors?
  • Who are the potential customers?

This playbook will show you how to instantly find competitors on a potential investment using Ocean.io's AI technology.

Scenario 1

You receive an email from a company with the pitch deck of their “unique” product.

It's the same old story:

The start-up claims their product or service will revolutionize the world.

They claim their solution is unique and nobody else has developed or even speculated on a similar solution.

Let’s see how we can prove that in under 2 minutes.

Step 1: Get your piping hot coffee and bring it to your desk.

Step 2: Check your emails! You probably have some pitch decks you received in the last hour.

Step 3: Jump onto Ocean.io and select “search by company”

Step 4: Paste the URL of the company seeking funding and enter it into Ocean.io

Step 5: Try a sip of coffee and realize it is still too hot to enjoy

Step 6: Voila! A list of competitors, ranked by relevance.

Ocean.io's AI technology gives you quick access to relevant company information, such as Social Media stats, Website traffic or even Company size.

Step 7: Try out Ocean.io’s many additional filters to refine your search.

Ocean.io allows you to create a list of companies with similar metrics.

And it doesn’t end there.

You can do exactly the same for the other aspects surrounding your potential investment. Go up the supply chain.

What other companies might be directly or indirectly competing for the same customers:

  • Who are the suppliers
  • Who are the distributors
  • Who are the potential customers

    Use Ocean.io to get a list of lookalike companies ranked by relevance!

If you like to have the competitor landscape of any pitch deck in front of you while you wait for your coffee to cool down, get a one week free trial with Ocean.io so you can use this for more than one investment opportunity.

No company has an entire market to itself, no matter what their pitch deck says. We know that and you know that.

Now we can show you that, in seconds.

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