Julian Berbec — 27 February 2020
4 min read

Choose a target industry and find an endless list of potential customers INSTANTLY

Choose a target industry and find an endless list of potential customers INSTANTLY

About You: You’re in advertising. You could always use more clients.

Here’s a way to discover valuable clients so you can contact them.

Target customers by industry and find the information you need to help them grow their business in the smartest way.

You’ll also be able to target them by geolocation, size and much more.

Find the contacts for these potential clients and reach out.

Crazy right? Read on for a full breakdown with examples.


The companies you are looking for are in the software industry.

THAT means it’s on you to help them promote their services.

Here’s one way to identify them:

We’re going to find all websites in the category software in the UK.

Step 1: Get on Ocean.io, it’s now time to search by industry

Step 2: Choose software as an industry

Step 3: Filter by Size and Location as well

Step 4: All there is left to do is click on “Show all results” and you’ll get the full list INSTANTLY!!!

Your list is ready!

You just got access to thousands of software companies websites in the UK !!!!!

Step 5: If you want to narrow down location further do the following

Choose an area of the UK as geolocation.

With Ocean.io, you can either:

  • Plug in a city of your choice
  • Use the zoom function to play around with the search radius of your preference.

And there you go, now you have access to all the software companies, with between 11 - 200 employees and are situated in the area you chose!!!

Step 6: Now you can create your own lists, by selecting the most relevant companies for you!

Add the selected companies to a new list or create a new one

Step 7: Access your self-created company lists

They can be accessed by pushing on the “bookmark logo”.

Step 8: How to export?

From this page, you will also be able to export your lists in the best suiting format:

  • CSV file
  • Linkedin Audiences
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Don’t forget we have integrations to Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce!!!

If your CRM is already connected to Ocean.io

Select the following possibilities to complete the export:

  • The Deal Name
  • The person you want to assign the deal to
  • The pipeline/stage your selected companies will be exported to

Click on Export!!

The deals will land in your preselected pipeline/stage and will be ready to work with!!

This process can be repeated for other industries, we have over 50! What if you did this every week with another industry of interest?

So what’s the next step?

How do YOU want to discover how Ocean.io can help you and your company grow?

Do you prefer a DEMO with one of our sales reps or do you prefer to get 25 Free leads?

Well you decide!

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