Pankl Racing Systems AG

Pankl Racing Systems AG is an Austria-based holding company that develops, produces and distributes mechanical technology systems for the automotive and aviation industries, and specializes in the niche markets of motor racing, luxury vehicles and aerospace. The Company operates through two main segments: combined segment Racing/High Performance and Aerospace. The Racing segment supplies engine as well as drive train components and systems for the racing market. The High Performance segment is specialized in the production of engine and drive train components for luxury vehicles, engine parts for the aftermarket and aluminum forged parts. The Aerospace segment produces lightweight and flexible transmission components as well as systems for over 50 types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. As of December 31, 2011, Pankl Racing Systems AG operated through 16 subsidiaries located in Austria, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and the United States. The Company is a subsidiary of the CROSS Group.

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