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RHI AG is engaged in the development, production, sale, installation, and maintenance of refractory products and systems. The company operates Steel, Industrial, and Raw Materials segments. Its product portfolio includes shaped products, such as hydraulically pressed and fused cast bricks, isostatically pressed products, and prefabricated components made of mixes; and unshaped products, including repair, construction, and casting mixes and mortars, as well as functional products. The company also develops and produces customized system solutions. It offers its products under the brand names of ANKRAL, REXAL, RESISTAL, MAXIAL, COMPRIT, DIDURIT, DURITAL, LEGRIT, Didier, Veitscher, RADEX, Refel, Monofrax, RUBINAL, LEGRAL, PERMASIT, ANCARBON, ANKERHARTH, DELTEK, GRASANIT, PENTABRICK, SYNCARBON, UREX, ZETTRAL, etc. The company provides its products for use in steel, cement, lime, glass, non-ferrous metals, environment, energy, and chemical industries in approximately 180 countries worldwide. RHI AG headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

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