Account-Based Targeting

Create better personalisation and increase conversion rates through micro-targeting

Company contact information

Get in touch with the right companies with primary phone numbers, emails, and office addresses all at your fingertips.

Lookalike search

Increase conversion rates with micro-targeted account lists. Start with one or more of your best customers, and will build lists of companies that are highly similar to (or “look like”) them - not just in terms of firmographics, but also in terms of what those companies actually do.

Saved searches

Get a jump start on list building. Save your most common search filters to find what you're looking for, fast!

CRM sync

Easily find new accounts or the free accounts in your CRM. CRM sync lets you find what you need with no duplicates.

Sharable lists

Build lists on your own or as a team with shareable lists.

We doubled our demo booking rate in the first week
Quirijn KleppeHead of Growth @ Leadinfo gives us new bandwidth in Sales
George LoraineHead of Sales Development @ Brandbassador focuses our spend on the right companies
Martin Nørgaard KlausenCo-Founder @ ZenMedia

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