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This is is the next generation of customer acquisition. We’re putting data at the heart of everything to revolutionize the way you work.

Good data leads to better decisions. Better decisions lead to business success. From sales to marketing, inbound and outbound, our data and analysis will put your company on a fast-track to growth.

Our proprietary data-sets are meticulously put together by our team of experts because we believe quality matters. Our algorithms surpass current industry standards to deliver the perfect target audiences. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of customer acquisition.

We think it changes the game – and, with oceans of data and no shortage of ambition, we’re only just getting started.

This is
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Get to know us

We know sometimes it’s nicer to get in touch using social media (and easier to get to know us before you do). That’s why we include social channels on our platform and it’s why we’re including them here.


Meet the team


MichaelMichaelCEO & Founderlinkedin
AlexeyAlexeyChief Engineering Officer & Co-founderlinkedin
MichelleMichelleCOO & Co-founderlinkedin
MadsMadsChief Product Officerlinkedin


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Sales & Marketing

DragosDragosMarketing Operations
WendyWendyCustomer Success
EricEricContent Marketing
SimonSimonKey Account Manager
MartinMartinKey Account Manager
JulianJulianBusiness Development
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Product Development

OlehOlehDevOps - Engineering
ThéoThéoDevOps - Development
RasoulRasoulFull Stack Development
FrederikFrederikFrontend Development
AliAliFrontend Development
KevinKevinFrontend Development
PetroPetroBackend Development
MaksymMaksymBackend Development
AndriiAndriiBackend Development
LukaLukaData Engineering Lead
SergeySergeyData Engineering
KevinKevinData Engineering
EmilieEmilieData Engineering
AlexanderAlexanderData Engineering
AlexeyAlexeyPython Developer
KonstantinKonstantinResolve Team Lead
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MojganMojganOffice Assistant
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