A knife to the heart, and yet email still isn’t dead

Sandra Busch

Rumor has it that email is on its deathbed laying low on life support and a heavy dose of morphine. Rumor also says that the only generation interested in keeping it alive is the very generation that remembers what it was like to be excited, rather than annoyed, by the ding of a new message. Generation Xers were just starting their work lives back when email launched and therefore, I guess, it makes sense for them to be the only generation desperately clinging on to email. But is that even true?

Generation X is by many considered the perfect generation for email communication; right in between Boomers who were too old to get the hang of it, and Millennials who are faced with an abundance of alternatives that make email seem hopelessly old-fashioned. When you’ve got Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, and Messenger; who needs email anymore?

A nail in the coffin of email

Could it be that every new communication technology is another nail in email’s coffin? Although it’s true that new technology has resulted in countless options for fast-paced business communication, we, here at Ocean.io, feel that the rumors of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Especially, in the light of recent studies proving that 73% of millennials actually prefer email in business communication above all its modern counterparts.

I, for one, am happy to hear that my fellow millennials aren’t writing off email on the grounds of old age as you would milk past its expiration date. Email still has plenty of things to offer when it comes to personalized communication and engaging recipients with tailor-made messages that serve to nurture relationships. Besides, it’s not like email hasn’t evolved since the 1970s; and what you don’t find as a built-in feature is fortunately only a Chrome Store click away…

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Speaking of which, we actually created this nifty email tool ourselves called Ocean.io. Not to brag or anything, but Ocean.io helps business professionals everywhere by providing swift, useful information on the person – and company – behind one’s incoming emails. How often have you found yourself frantically Googling people before drafting your reply because you didn’t know basic things like work title, the location of their company or most recent corporate news? Well, adding Ocean.io to Chrome means that you’ll know all that and more without ever leaving your inbox. Handy right?

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