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Artificial Intelligence

We gather big data on companies and our machine learning algorithms identify key characteristics

Prospects gem

You get the perfect segment for your inbound and outbound


We gather big data on the companies in your target market

Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning algorithms identify key characteristics

Prospects gem

You get the perfect segment for your inbound and outbound

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At Ducksuite, we use to identify new customers in no time. We used their filters to find 35 leads that suited our criteria in just one hour. Also, is always willing to listen and receive feedback, making you feel valued as a customer.
Kenn MiloCEO & Founder, Ducksuite
After we have started using at Bilagscan, our lead generation is much more efficient. Identifying new potential customers and partners is much more simplified, and we can really feel how much time we save by being able to gather the entire lead generation in one place.
Søren ThygesenHead of Sales, Bilagscan
At Upodi, we are extremely data-driven across any stage of our customer journey. We were looking for a partner to deliver the right and qualified data; we have chosen as they fulfil this potential.
Rasmus FogedCEO, Upodi
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Market fit

Focus on what matters for the optimal market fit

Fundamentally, what sets Ocean apart is our ability to build exact lookalike target groups of companies by using our own database, AI, and keyword algorithms.

Our competitors base their search results on industry codes. We don’t believe that is accurate enough. Instead, we use keyword indexing to derive an accurate company value proposition and find similar companies anywhere in the world.

Tech blueprint

Combine AI with Technographics

Most companies use technographic data to qualify their leads. We believe that’s the wrong way around.

With, you can build target audiences from the group of companies that actually use the technologies that fit your profiling and then build intelligent outreach to that exact group.

Conversion rate

Cut through the noise and improve your conversion rate

Every lead you get, good or bad, comes at a cost. Don’t pay for poor quality.

We identify the right segment of customers so you can perform true value-based segmentation and tailor your outreach to get bang for your buck.

Integration is an integral part of your CRM system (Hubspot and Pipedrive)

Once you’ve found your target companies, we help you to identify the right decision makers and best communication channels before exporting your leads to your CRM system or .csv file.

Why B2B companies choose
Dollar bill

Reducing customer acquisition cost

We know the biggest challenge to growing a business is a high CAC. Our platform is designed to handle all the research, reducing the cost and time spent on finding prospects. That way you can focus on selling to the companies that are a perfect fit. Happy selling!

Going international globe

Going international

Let’s talk international expansion. In-house solutions and more traditional prospect methods force companies to start from scratch when they expand. breaks out of the straightjacket, enabling you to profile a company in one country and surface similar prospects in another country in seconds. How cool is that?

Growing platform

A customer acquisition platform you can grow with

We've come a long way in a short time and we don't plan on slowing down. We are constantly improving our platform and we have a pipeline full of features that will revolutionize the way you work so we can both keep growing. Full speed ahead.

Data Coverage
United Kingdom
United KingdomAvailable
South Africa
South AfricaAvailable
IrelandComing soon
New Zealand
New ZealandComing soon
Beta Price Plans
Essential planEssential

Price per monthBilled once yearly

  • All available countries
  • Domain search
  • Keyword search
  • Lead export to CRM and .csv
Premium planPremium

Price per monthBilled once yearly

  • All features of Essential
  • Technographic search and filtering
  • Website traffic
  • Social media stats
Marketing planMarketing

Custom pricing

  • All features of Essential
  • LinkedIn Custom Audiences
  • PPC solutions
  • E-mail solutions